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Alpine H20

Alpine H20
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We are one of London’s very few totally independent Water Leak Detection specialists.

Alpine Water have in house specialist Surveyors, each with a minimum of 28 years relevant surveying experience. Our Surveyors cover London and all of the surrounding areas within the M25.

We are proud to state that we carry the most complete and diverse range of equipment of all survey companies, enabling us to undertake thorough surveys including, Gas Insertion Equipment, Correlation & Ground Microphone Equipment, Thermal Imaging and on site Salts Analysis testing equipment. We ensure that we have the very latest technology at all times, and utilise only the best Flir Thermal Imaging cameras, and the highest spec Correlation and Microphone equipment. These combined with various inspection cameras, we are able to assess all water leak issues within all building structures.

We have developed our own in house survey application, which allows us to gather every survey detail required to accurately pinpoint the leak or leaks, and to produce an accurate and detailed report for our clients. The reports include all of the survey details obtained, all of our Thermal Images, and our detailed recommendations to repair the leaks. 

If you have an issue with any form of water leak which you can not resolve, and live in London or the surrounding area, please give our office a call, and we would be more than pleased to help you.

Please take a look at our Alpine Surveys Checkatrade company page, where you will see over 200 verified customer reviews.


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