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Domestic & Commercial Roof & Building Water Leak Detection

Roof & Building Water Leak Detection

An undiagnosed or resolved water leak within a building or through a roof, can prove to be damaging and destructive. It is a fact that the longer an ongoing issue is left, the higher the repair cost is likely to be. Alpine Water are experts in locating the source of water ingress into buildings, or within a building from one location to another. With over 15 years of experience in accurately locating the source points of water ingress and building leakage, and by utilising the latest in survey technology, we are able to undertake a detailed survey of the property, locate the causes, and on completion provide a detailed report. We are not interested in gaining financially from remedial works, and therefore you can be assured that the recommendations stated are accurate, and all you will need to rectify the problems. We understand that our survey fee will be a small cost to you, but we are confident that the repair costs will be more accurate, and not over estimated by a company looking to make as much as possible from the repair element.

Before deciding on the next step, please give our office a call, and discuss the issues, and we will advise on the most efficient way forward.

Have 100% Confidence In Alpine Water

We are confident that we will locate the issue accurately at your property, and therefore we guarantee the following, that if our diagnosis is incorrect, we will:

  • Return free of charge if our indicated source point is more than 0.5m out.
  • Not charge you a penny if we are unable to resolve the issue.

No other company offers such a guarantee!

What We Do

We detect the source points of water ingress:

  • Building structure water leaks
  • Flat roof water leaks
  • Floor to floor water leaks


We offer competitive pre booked survey rates and flexi rates,

please call us on
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to discuss further

Why we are the best

We strive to stay ahead of the competition, and we believe that our results are a reflection of our efforts, along with many hundreds of satisfied customers every year. From the reception you receive from your initial enquiry, to the appearance and professionalism of our Engineers and our detailed survey, through to the conclusion and our detailed report, we ensure that the service you receive is the best we can provide. Here is a summary of why we are the leading detection company in the UK.

  • South & South East Coverage
  • Domestic & Commercial
  • Water Hygiene Certified
  • Engineers with min 10 Years Experience
  • 99% Accuracy Based on True Statistics
  • Used by Major Blue Chip Companies
  • The most detailed report of all companies
  • No Call Centres
  • 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week including Bank Holidays
  • All inclusive rates. No Added Extras!

What we charge

We continually monitor our competition, in order to ensure that our level of service exceeds others, and to ensure that our survey and investigation rates remain the most competitive. We are sure you will “shop around”, so please make sure that all the Engineers time on site is included in the competitors rates, along with all the survey methods including gas insertion if required. With Alpine Water, you can be assured that there are no hidden extras, and what you are quoted by us, is exactly what you will pay!,

If you have “Trace and Access” on your insurance, you will be able to claim our survey costs back.

Our Guarantee to you

Having the best Engineers in the industry, and the most advanced equipment, we are confident that we will locate your leak the first time accurately. We aim to be within 0.5m, however as you can see by our feedback, we are normally spot on, or within a few inches. Our guarantee to you is that should we fail to deliver this accuracy, we will send our Engineer back to your property free of charge to resurvey the leak location.